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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Happy Day Wednesday!

To be completely honest, I hate Wednesdays. Monday is the beginning of the week and you get to ask "so what did you do this weekend?" Tuesdays just seem to fly by. Thursday is Office and 30 Rock day so how could that be bad? and Fri, Sat, and Sun are the weekend so how could THAT be bad?!?! But oooohohoho do I despise Wednesdays. Why you ask? Well without fail, every time Wednesday rolls around I think to myself "YESSSS!!! Its Thursday!" Only coming to realize moments later that I was wrong. However, this Wednesday was actually pretty fun! To my great delight my loving and AMAZING husband agreed to make dinner for me that night (realize this is RARE. Not to bring fault to him of course, I just love cooking so I always do it! Still every once and a while it is nice to have a break :)) Seeing that I had yet to do the grocery shopping this week because last weeks food stretched out for so long, I got to GROCERY SHOPPING!!!! No this enthusiasm is not sardonic in any way. I. LOVE. GROCERY SHOPPING! It is almost therapeutic to me.  And then to add to that I didn't even really need to shop on a budget because I had a weeks amount of money to spend on two nights dinners (Friday we are going out with friends and then we have family dinners all weekend long). While I really do like shopping on a budget (yes I have been known to get a weeks worth of groceries for $40. I'm that good) every once in a while it is nice to splurge on non beans and rice related items. This is what I got this week!
           All for $30. Still not a bad deal if you ask me.
And yes those are Organic Peanut Butter Panda Puffs in the background because I am 5 years old.  OOoohhh and the Candy Cane Joe Joe's!!! This is all from Trader Joe's and if you have not tried their Candy Cane Joe Joe's yet you have not lived :)  

Soon after my lovely hubby came home from work and made me the best dinner! Whole wheat pasta with vegetarian meatballs!!! mmmm... If you have never tried vegetarian substitutes you really must! These meatballs were AMAZInG! I even got to go to the gym in our complex while he was making dinner which ended up also being amazing because there was a Jon & Kate Plus 8 Marathon going on while I was working out! What could be better?

When I came home the house smelled so delicious and the food really lived up to the smell :)

My extremely good looking husband making dinner.

And the finished product! It was sooo yummy!
AND THEN after all of this, our good friends Luke and Talya came over to play games and eat Joe Joe's with us (sorry, no pictures of this, but just so you know the Joe Joe's were gone before the day was over). What?!?! Too good to be true.
Yep, Wednesday was pretty darn great!


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