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Friday, January 16, 2009

new blog!

Yes I decided after far too many hours spent at the computer trying to fix my problems with it all, I would just start all over again.
My new blogs URL is

See You All There!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009


So obviously I do not want my online journal to look like a blank piece of paper, so here is what happened.

Realizing that my last template was oh so holiday festive even though the season is gone, I decided that it was time for a change. I looked around and tried to add some backgrounds with the instructions the website gave me but none of them would work. The fonts and the arrangement would change to coincide with the template I wanted but the background would stay the same. Then there was this button towards the bottom of the templates page that said something about switching to one of bloggers template so out of desperation I tried it and am now stuck. When I go to the templates tab something completely different comes up and I only have the option to choose one of their designs.

Seeing that I am really not computer savvy past actually posting on this blog, I need HELP! And if anyone knows what I should do please leave a comment!

Sorry for the boring post :)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My view from the couch

Yes, after sitting in my sick bed for almost a week I am sad to say little progress has been made on the feeling better front. I have been trying to go to at least one of my jobs every day but have slowly hit the wall and have come crashing back down on my couch.  Unfortunately, it is hard to rest my voice when I have 35-40 screaming kindergarden-1st graders that I have to talk over daily (especially when the room leader, too, is sick and at home). Oh the job is fun; however, it is really unrealistic to follow doctors orders for getting better when she tells me "well just stop talking for a couple of day" HA! Not intended towards the doctor of course but at myself for failing at this before I began (oh yes I forgot to mention that my voice has escaped me since last Friday and I am not quite sure where it went to). So in leu of not dying from boredom these past couple of days, here is what I have been up to (and what I think of it):

*Getting rid of all refugee Christmas decorations
Yes they were still up until a couple of days ago and now my house is *gasp* bare. I will share pictures in a later post but it was some sort of small accomplishment to box up our tree (fake) and store away the Santa toilet seat (don't ask).

*Watching the BBC America version of The Office
Less funny and more crude, still maybe it is less funny because I am not British and cannot understand everything they are saying. The show really is entertaining however the character development is really lacking. I really have no clue who some of the people in the office are and could really care less if Tim and Dawn (their version of Jim and Pam) get together.
I am in-between two books right now 
 First is Radical Womanhood. I was very excited to get this book when it came out but lately I cannot seem to pick it up to finish it. Do not get me wrong, the book has very good points over feminism and the Christian faith (something that I am usually very cynical and picky about because feminism was thrown down the throats of the Comms. Dept. at CSUN and to tell the truth, most Christian writers bash the movement without knowing anything about it so just end up rolling my eyes and skipping to the next chapter) however, the book is a little on the unoriginal side, meaning half of every page is taken up by quotes from another author or scholar. She is CLEARLY a very intelligent woman on the matter which is why I am having trouble with the writing.

 Second book I just started last night and LOVE! It is called Eat Pray Love and I can tell just from just the first 60 pages why it was on NY #1 Bestselling list for so long. It is a book about this women's journey to find spiritual Nirvana while still living IN the world. And may I say, she has one of the most developed voices as an author that I have real in a long time. While this book is not informative in any Christian or spiritual sense (well at least so far), it is really something that I would HIGHLY recommend.

Of course I have been up to other things like coughing, sneezing, sounding like a man, and making the occasional chili and cookies (I CRAVE sweets when I am sick... aannd when Im not sick :)) nevertheless I do not want to bore you all with how many packages of throat lozenges I have (4) and what time I got to bed last night because my throat was swollen (3am). 
Until next time!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

yes I am predictable...

So yes I said I would post like what, two, three days ago and yet here I am with my tail between my legs after breaking that promise. Yep, thats me! 

This "winter break" (yaa... I didn't really get one but oh well) was absolutely jam packed with goodness. Sorry there are going to be no pictures so far even though I do have some of our house that I will upload later, I am just not feeling up to getting my camera out right now :)
So here is a quick list of what Jake and I have been up to these past couple of weeks...

*Decorated our house for our first Christmas together after we got back from Thanksgiving

*I worked while Jake got two weeks paid vacation. Yes, the Education path truly does rock.

*Helped my parents decorate their REAL trees :) oooohh the smell 

*One weekend literally jammed packed with various extended family Christmases

*We went to the Back to Bethlehem thing in Simi with one of Jakes friends

*Christmas Eve with Jakes Family

*Christmas brunch with mine and then dinner with his

*Had my brother and Sister-in-law and our close couple friends over to see our apartment

*NEW YEARS movie with my parents and then went to Jake's cousins house

*One wedding last Sunday, one tomorrow and one on February 7th. YIKES!

*Started working at Sunshine Day Care and got promoted at YogaWorks

and so now we are VEEERRRYYY slowly taking down our Christmas decorations as I try to rest from being sick. I must now brace myself for getting sick a lot seeing that I am working with 35 kindergardeners and 1st Graders, who's idea of fun is playing with their own spit... seriously, this happened.

So this has been my life. Throw a couple of 9-12 hour days at work in there and you can probably see why it has taken me so long to write, but here I am no pictures and all!
HAPPY 2009!!!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

OK OK...

Alright, I have been away from the blogging world far too much! I promise I will post tomorrow with all of the lovely holiday happenings and all events in-between.